ECB – Cultural Days devoted to Greece with a photo competition

The culture of Greece is one of Europe’s oldest and most fascinating, reaching from early antiquity through the Byzantine era to the present day. It is lively, multi-faceted and exciting; those who experience it are forever under its spell.

In order to celebrate it, the European Central Bank (ECB) in cooperation with the Bank of Greece will be presenting a varied three-week programme of music, literature, dance, film, photography and archaeology.

Meanwhile, as part of its Cultural Days programme, the ECB launched an annual photography competition . It invites young photographers to present their vision of the country being featured in the competition. The winner of the first prize is awarded the “ECB Annual Photography Award”.

“Greece Today” is the theme of the ECB Annual Photography Award 2007 as this year’s Cultural Days of the European Central Bank will be devoted to Greece and organised in close cooperation with the Bank of Greece. The closing date for entries is July 6, 2007.

I decided to participate, by sending 5 or 6 of my photos depicting Greece. During the weekend I selected 10 of what I think are the most representative photos and I am in the process of sending them for a large (25×38 cm) printout….

My first concern was…. colours! I was not sure whether the local photo shop would render them properly. So I selected the renowned Photography shop “Fotis Fotou” in Pallini.

I am heading to get my printed photos and will keep you posted on my impressions. I have less than 3 days to send them!


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