I marginally managed to capture some of the beauty of Santorini! The island is very photogenic and I couldn’t have enough of it. We spent 3.5 days at the island, between June 1-4, 2007 and had a frantic time shooting! Pictures are everywhere!

I uploaded some of my Santorini photos at a gallery in my website and I also prepared a relaxing slideshow with some of my photos (comments are welcome!).

I already got some good comments by my site visitors, so I decided to publish a large photobook with Blurb.

What did I learn photographically speaking, at this trip?

First, filters (and especially the ND grad) are THE essential element that should always be in my bag. I used a Lee filter ND grad ta capture most of the sunsets and generally speaking I have been very glad. However, vignetting has been evident in all my wide-angle shots.

Second, I always make the same error of hurrying. I should stop that! I learned the hard way the photographic proverb that “if you see it, you lost it!”… Which means that you have to survey the area beforehand, and be there well ahead in advance to prepare your equipment and tripod.

Third, shoot only in RAW, RAW, RAW period!

Tell me what you think about my Santorini photos, by clicking here….


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