How to promote my photo work through the website?

I am seeking for ways to increase the exposure (no pun intended!) of my photography work, through my website.

For the time being, most visits have been attracted due to this simple but very relaxing 3-min Santorini Slideshow, that people love to download and see….

I have also included my photo website to some photography directories… What else could I do?

Ideas, tips and tricks would be most welcome!

6 thoughts on “How to promote my photo work through the website?

  1. Very interesting. I just found your website… Why don’t you contact the NTOG? They always look for new photos. Just an idea…

  2. I just saw your website and loved the pics of monemvasia! I have walked those same narrow mountian paths above the town…awesome. Your pics really brought back the memories of the last trip!

    Really beautiful and thanks for posting them!

  3. Yanni, I was thinking more in lines of the city of Athens. I do know that they often organize various types of artistic shows highlighting the work of great new artists such as yourself. These exhibitions are mostly held in the Athens cultural center (Pneumatiko kentro Athinwn, Akademia str.)
    Have you ever contacted them? You should give it a try!

  4. Why not create a free profile on You can promote you and your work there and have a ready made customer base (the existing members). You can upload portfolios (images/videos) of your work, create a blog, upload events all from a single profile. Its all free, so its worth giving it a go as it helps get you out there

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