Lisbon – soul uncaptured by pictures

These are my glimpses from a two-day trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is not just about monuments, extravagant buildings or typical sightseeing. To “breathe” the city you have to listen to its people, to its Fado songs, and to immerse into its history.

Lisbon has a soul which cannot be captured just by pictures…

However, I gave it a try! See my Lisbon photo gallery by clicking here…

Since I only had two days, I had to try also something else besides my photos.

You are invited to download and see the relaxing photo slideshow of Lisbon, which combines the photos with relevant guitar music.

Download it by clicking here…

So? What do you think of Lisbon?


2 thoughts on “Lisbon – soul uncaptured by pictures

  1. Hello Yanni,
    I spent three days in Lisbon and I thought is was one of the most earthly and yet atmospheric places I’ve ever seen. I think you did a great job in rendering its character through your lens.
    Well done!

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