Canon 5D MkII video – Egypt/ Lebanon by Khalid Mohtaseb

Since the day of its launch, I have set my eyes upon the new Canon 5D MkII camera… Apart from its excellent quality of photos, Canon 5D MkII was the first to introduce real High-Definition video capturing. Well, to be true I am a passionate photographer but not fond of video capturing…

But then what do i know?!! 

My mind changed when I saw the work of Khalid Mohtaseb, who made an excellent montage of scenes from Egypt and Lebanon. Khalid captured Cairo and Beirut, using Canon 5D’s excellent capabilities, but his “film” has so much power emitting from people’s faces, that reminds me how life very frequently makes pictures by itself. It doesn’t matter whether it is photography or video. It’s life that interests me after all…

Watch it! You will be amazed! Congrats Khalid!


8 thoughts on “Canon 5D MkII video – Egypt/ Lebanon by Khalid Mohtaseb

  1. wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!congratulation simple people simple things simple lives humble people !!!looks like inspired by the hand of God !wonderfull images as i happend to have lived in both places love every imagen thank God for the oportuniti to see this !m. cecilia

  2. I could not agree with Maria more. How amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen video used like that. I feel almost as if I had been there. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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