Computer-Generated Animation touches Reality!! Can you spot the “line”? I cannot!

I am always fascinated by pieces of art, be it photographic or cinematic.
But this time, our real-world reality is “touched” by the awesome work in computer-generated animation.

Like you, I have watched quite a few films with stunning graphics and 3D models that seemed realistic.

However, the magnificent work of Alex Roman has me standing in awe!

His work seen in the above clip is one of the most artful examples of how computer-generated animation, can indeed create pieces of art that combine architecture and photography together.

At first I thought it was just a beautiful film! But then, I saw the “behind-the-scenes” version which showed how it was created… Just awesome! Kudos to Alex Roman and his great work! 

Just make sure that you enjoy it in full screen with the sound set to on!


8 thoughts on “Computer-Generated Animation touches Reality!! Can you spot the “line”? I cannot!

  1. Sir Yannis,

    Im sure it is really magnificent.
    Im really excited to watch how it was made.
    But I can’t open the link… there is some error on page 😦

    thanks and regards,


  2. Hi Yannis … long time no hear. How are you? So happy to have found your new? blog. Will be keeping better track of you now. Best ever, Monica

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