Symi island – a pearl dropped in the Aegean. Enjoy!

During the summer of 2009, I visited Symi island (Greece). Symi (or Simi as is often spelt) belongs to the Dodecanese islands complex and is famous for its architectural beauty, its traditions and its majestic viewpoints.

As a Symi visitor  I had read many things and had seen quite a few Symi photos of the place. And then I thought I was ready to confront its beauty! Or at least, I thought so!!!

The truth is that when I entered the Symi harbor, I stood in awe! Any Symi view is magnificent and to make a difference as a photographer, you have to treat every corner with utmost care!

I elected to search (and find!) new views and high vistas, to depict the island’s beauty.

Watch for yourself! Find the result at my Symi photos, now enriching my portfolio.
To feel the atmosphere of Simi, you are also invited to download and watch the relaxing Symi photo slideshow.

Liked it? Any critique? Post me your critique at the photo guestbook!


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