Make your own “Google” search story! I tried my hand at mine :-)

I am sure you have watched and enjoyed the Google viral video about “Parisian Love“. Now, Google and youtube offer you an ultra easy-to-use online tool to help you create your own “Google search” videos in a few minutes!

All you have to do is make up your own story as a sequence of  “Google searches” and then define what kind of results you want (typical search, maps, images etc.). You can preview the short clip, then select the music and voila! Of course it aims at promoting Google capabilities more than you, but hey! it’s fun!

As a Greek photographer I have made my own 30″ Google Search video to promote my Greece photos! What do you think? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Make your own “Google” search story! I tried my hand at mine :-)

  1. Kalimera Yannis!
    I was searching info about my next trip to Santorini and on a link I came across your photos.
    I spent the rest of my evening looking at them.
    As an amateur devoted photographer…I can recognize photos that touch my heart.
    Yours did.
    I immediately subscribed to your blog…
    Keep making the world dream and your country should be proud of you because through your photos one has to book a flight to the Greece the next day!!!

    Greetings from Italy!


  2. Dear Sylvia,

    I am deeply flattered by your kind comment!! 🙂
    Thank you so much!

    I wish all the best to you and your photographic ventures, and I am looking forward to seeing some of your artwork!

    Best regards,


  3. dear Yannis,
    thank you !
    now it’s my turn to feel flattered!I have just sent you an invitation to my photography link.Hope it works and you can see you have an idea of how my eyes see the world.

    I will be coming to Santorini, Milos and Folegandros this summer and I will have “bread for my teeth as far as photography ispiration!as we say in Italian!(it means the right thing!)
    Thank you for your magical photography and your encouragement!


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